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I'm an associate videographer at Kirchhof Photography LLC

Connor was born March 30, 2002 in Brooklyn, NY where he was the oldest child of him and his sister. Going into kindergarten, his parents made the move to Jackson, NJ. His father was an immigrant from Turkey with very little money and left his normal life and family in Turkey behind to pursue dreams in New York at the age of 25. His mother came from a poor family living on rural farm land in Potter County, PA. She was the first in her family to graduate from college and left the small town life behind to pursue a career in broadcast television in Manhattan.

Working your way up in the world through hard work and passion is something his parents had instilled in him since birth. Connor has been working since he was 13. He’s worked countless jobs: ball boy, tennis instructor, retail sales rep, cabana boy, beach lifeguard, pool maintenance, warehouse worker, food runner, and server. He was lucky he was naturally book smart because he never had time to study.

Connor found videography in the 8th grade where he’d learn how to use a camera and edit. The limitless creativity and the ability to create beautiful looking images fascinated him. He spent his 4 years at high school in his school’s competitive film academy. This is where he learned story telling and how to stand out in a crowded room. He’d take his skills to compete in national film competitions, winning an award for his silent film in 2019. Connor then went on to study film production at Hofstra University. He then started assisting wedding videographer Kyler Lopez. Kyler mentored and sharpened his skills for 2 years and taught him everything he knows about capturing the emotion and beauty of a wedding day.

Connor has found a love and passion for creating wedding films. He knew from a young age he wanted to do something meaningful and significant for the world. What interests him in this style of filmmaking is capturing the raw emotion of the day. It is a beautiful thing when two people come together to conjoin their lives, and that is one of the most significant days of the human experience. To be able to capture those brief moments and let them live on forever in the eyes of a couple feels like capturing lightning in a bottle. That is exactly what he wants to provide for people.

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