Passion Projects

What are Passion Projects?⁣


In the year of 2022, I have chosen to put out 10 photo shoots in undisclosed locations. These photo shoots will be completely free of any fees (no strings attached) and the clients will get a chance to work with me on location for over 2 hours. These projects are for people who are willing to do whatever is needed to create an epic photo!


Details ⁣

🔺Date 3/8/21⁣
🔺Location: Gantry Plaza State Park⁣
🔺Time: 3PM - 6:30PM⁣

1 Couple per photo shoot⁣

You do not need to be married or engaged, but you must be a couple. This is not a styled shoot, we want real emotion!⁣

You will be required to bring 1 dress outfit, and 1 casual outfit. ⁣

If rain is forecasted, the shoot will be postponed to the next available date⁣

This photoshoot is valued at $875.00⁣

If canceled or any reason, this photoshoot holds no cash value and cannot be redeemed for any other services⁣

 What you will get in return⁣

The client will receive all the rights to the high resolution edited images for the photoshoot. ⁣

They will be free to use / share these images however they would like/⁣

 How to Enter⁣

All details on how to enter can be found on our instagram page @kphotoweddings⁣

To give everyone a fair chance, the winner will be randomly chosen on 2/1/21. We will post the winner on our story and tag them. If you do not comment, you cannot win! Good-luck and we look forward to working with everybody!

Contact Me

Matthew James Kirchhof