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How far in advance should we book?

For weddings, we highly recommend to booking at least 12 months from your date to be sure we’ll remain available for your date.


For photo-shoots , typically a minimum of 2-3 months in advance as our schedules tend to fill up quickly.


Will you hold my date?


Unfortunately, we do not hold dates due to the amount of inquires we receive.

What is needed to secure my date?

In order to secure your date and price, we ask for a signed contract and a $1,000 deposit.

How many events do you photograph a year?

We usually photograph anywhere from 40-50 events per calendar year. We try not to photograph over 50 events because we like to give every single one of our clients the best possible experience and service we can from start to finish.

How do you and your staff dress on my wedding day?

We take pride in our professionalism and you can always count on us looking and dressing the part. During the summer, we typically wear dress pants with black polo shirts during the getting ready photos & portraits outside. When we arrive at the venue, we will change into more formal attire.

How many people will be at my wedding?

Our photography packages will always have a minimum of 2 photographers. On occasion, we will add on an additional assistant depending on the job, location, and details.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes. A full day of shooting a wedding is always a very long day. We usually do not get the chance to sit down and eat for the first time until your reception. If possible, we always request that we are fed first. We request this, so we can eat and get back to the party quickly as to not miss any formalities or important moments.


Do you travel?

Yes, of course we do. We will travel anywhere in the United States for destination weddings and we always love to shoot in new exciting places.


Do you pose your clients?

Yes of course! We don’t expect our clients to be models. We will guide you throughout the entire session and make sure you do not feel awkward or uncomfortable.

When can I expect my photos?

You can expect all off your photos to be delivered between 2-3 weeks after your event.

How many photos can I expect?

As there is no set number on how many photos you can expect, the average we provide each client with is between 800-1500 edited images in high-resolution that are ready to print.

Will all of my photos be edited?

Absolutely! After your event, we personally edit all of your photos to ensure the product is top notch. First, we will go through all the images to ensure you will not get any over-exposed photos, blurry photos, or photos containing people with closed eyes. Second, we will go through the images once again and adjust the cropping, sharpness, color temperature, skin tone, highlights, shadows, etc. Finally, all the images are duplicated and turned into black and white as to give more options.

How do I print my photos?

None of our packages include prints because we give you the rights to all your images.  If you’d like to print any or your photos after the wedding, please ask us for the website we personally use and recommend to all of our clients.

Are there any print restrictions on my photos?

No! We provide you with all the edited images in high-resolution without any watermarks, print restrictions, or copyright.


How are albums designed?

We try to make the album process as easy as possible for all of our clients. First, we will design the rough draft to your wedding album using our skills and creativity. We typically provide our clients with the first draft within 3-4 weeks after receiving their wedding photos.

Once you receive the first draft of your wedding album, we can discuss any changes to be made which can involve switching photos, templates, colors, etc.

After we work with you to make any adjustments to create your perfect wedding album, we then pick all the finishing options to your album and send it off to print.

How long does it take my album to arrive?

Once we submit the album to print the album will arrive to us within 3-5 weeks. All the albums are shipped directly to our office first to ensure the quality of print, and then we repackage it and ship it out to you!


What forms of payment do you accept?

Personal checks or Zelle is the preferred payment method we ask for.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, but there will be an additional 3.5% added onto the balance for the credit card processing fee.

When is the final balance due?

Your final balance is due within 10 full business days from your wedding date.

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